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Simple Plans

Easy enrollment that you can cancel at anytime. Includes a 30 day free trail.

One Package; One Price

Monthly enrollment fee $24.99 mo. Includes Find Me, Promotions, Event Blasts, and added bonus of the Loyalty Program.  

Community Awareness

Build connections with newly relocated families and visitors with ease. 

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Find Me

Geofencing enables businesses to alert visitors of a store’s location that customers may not have been aware of before. This is also a nice way to remind previous customers you're still around and visit again!


Frequent deals and special offers can entice customers to shop at your store instead of competitors' sites. Coupons are effective at creating repeat customers when included in a customer loyalty program.

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Custom Clothing Order

Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs work by offering customers incentives to purchase from or engage with the company. The aim is to retain customers, increase customer lifetime value, and show customer appreciation.

*This is a bonus feature and does not require enrollment into if you do not wish to use it. 

Event Blasts

With out event announcements you can truly maximize your event exposure in real time. This feature is extremely useful if you're hosting an event other than your primary location. 

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