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Thank you again for considering your child to be a part of the Parent Playground brand. As a momprenuer raising a Kidprenuer I understand the importance of grooming your child's natural gifts and building their confidence early on. Parent Playground magazine strives to promote our children and their future by giving them a platform of free marketing to gain exposure to their brand and personal and professional mission.  


We currently offer two options for your kidprenuer interview depending on their comfort level.

Option One: A written question and answer interview format that will be printed.

Option Two: A 5 -10 minute video submission


Below is a list of prompts your Kidprenuer can address during their video submission or written interview responses.

  • What kind of business do you own?

  • How did your business idea come about?

  • What made you want to be a kidprenuer at such a young age?

  • How do you market your business?

  • Do you think your age hinders or empowers you?

  • How do you balance being school and being a kid boss?

  • How do you define success?

  • What is your favorite part about being a kidprenuer?

  • How do you feel when talking to other kids your age about your business?

  • Any additional facts or information you would like to share?

Please feel free to demonstrate and showcase all aspects of your brand including where to purchase. 


What is required of you and your Kidprenuer: 

  1. You submit a photo with your submission. (Please keep in mind this will be your promotional magazine cover; examples can be found on all of our social media platforms.)

  2. If you're doing a video submission it must be at minimum five minutes. 

  3. We ask that you promote the magazine article on your social media accounts upon release. ( Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) Parent Playground will provide you a magazine cover to post that will feature your photo submission on it. 

  4. Tag Parent Playground’s Social Media accounts in your post:

Instagram: @ParentPlayground_App (Paid Partnership Link) 


Twitter: @ParentPlay_App

And hashtag #ParentPlaygroundApp #ParentPlaygroundMagazine

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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