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How does Parent Playground marketing work?

Parent Playground wanted to give an opportunity for other small businesses that catered to parents and children to utilize and reach their target customer base. Many of us have great products with no customers, which is very bad for business. With the Parent Playground marketplace you will have exclusive access  to sell your products on the Parent Playground App.

What happens after I submit my application?

The Parent Playground team thoroughly reviews all businesses who submit applications to ensure we are providing our parents with the best experience as possible. Once we receive your application, your application will be reviewed in the order it was received in, about 48 hours.

Online Store:  

Once approved you will receive an email from Parent Playground, with an invoice to pay your $50 set-up fee, once paid you receive a second email that will give you instructions on how you will begin to add and update product to start selling. 

Online Directory:

Once approved you will receive an e-mail letting you know your directory listing is live.

Please adhere to all vendor requirements. If you fail any part of the requirements any fees paid will be not be refunded. Please read here. If you have any further questions about your eligibility please contact us before you pay.

How do I get paid?

Parent Playground will pay you out directly to your PayPal account on file, every 1st - 15th of the month. 

Is there anything that will stop me from getting paid out?

Yes, we want to make sure our customers are actually receiving their product. So we require for you to enter orders tracking number to ensure orders are being sent out. If a tracking number is missing, so will your payout. 

How do I process refunds?

There is a 14-day refund policy. Please do not sell anything you do not have on hand and is not immediately available for shipping upon order. If there is an issue with the order please directly reach out to the customer and come to a resolution. If you receive three complaints or refund request due to product availability your contract will be terminated with Parent Playground. 

What do I do about shipping?

Please include a little extra on top of the price of the product for shipping. Parent Playground promotes free shipping year round. Parents love to know their total price upfront. 

What are processing fees?

Processing fees have been calculated for Parent Playground to avoid taking the financial responsibility of PayPal fees on a product that is not ours. 5% of all sales will be commissioned to Parent Playground to take care of all processing and app usage fees.

Discounts and Special Offers

Please send all updated pricing and promotions to atleast two weeks before start date of your promotion. 

Can I change what I am selling?

Of course! Depending on your package you have a max number of products you can add to your online store, but you can always switch up your products and price. We encourage you to stay aligned with your brand for brand awareness. You don't want Parent Playground customers to begin to recognize your brand then you completely confuse them.

Partnership cancellation?

You may cancel your monthly plan anytime. You will not receive your final payout until normally scheduled time.

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