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Top 10 Cool and Fun Reward Ideas for Children: From Extra Screen Time to Personalized Items

Here are some cool and fun rewards you can consider for children:

  1. Extra screen time: Allow your child to have some extra screen time to watch their favorite show or play their favorite video game.

  2. Toys or games: Buy your child a new toy or game they have been wanting as a reward for their good behavior or achievements.

  3. Outing with a friend: Plan a fun outing with one of their friends, such as a trip to the zoo, a movie, or a theme park.

  4. Treats: Treat your child to their favorite dessert or snack, like ice cream, cookies, or candy.

  5. Stickers or temporary tattoos: Younger children often love stickers or temporary tattoos, which can be used as rewards for completing tasks or good behavior.

  6. Art supplies: If your child is artistic, consider buying them new art supplies or a new coloring book as a reward.

  7. Extra playtime: Allow your child to stay up a little later or wake up a little earlier to have some extra playtime.

  8. A fun family activity: Plan a fun family activity, such as a picnic, a game night, or a hike.

  9. Personalized items: Consider getting your child a personalized item, such as a backpack, water bottle, or t-shirt, with their name or a fun design on it.

  10. Special privileges: Allow your child to have a special privilege, such as choosing what's for dinner or picking the family movie for movie night.


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