VENDOR MARKETPLACE AND DIRECTORY POLICY RIDER: This rider is hereby made a part of and is incorporated by reference with the vendor agreement made on the date payment has been received from the Marketplace vendor to the PARENT PLAYGROUND LLC., and any subsequent agreements between vendor and PARENT PLAYGROUND LLC.

VENDOR APPLICATION: Parent Playground LLC has strict requirements on what vendors we are affiliated with. All vendors must adhere to the requirements listed and must have never or currently have been registered on the National Sex Offenders Registry.


SHIPPING PROCESS: Parent Playground LLC promotes FREE Shipping. Please include a little extra on your product price to include your shipping fee inside of price of the product.


PAYMENTS: Payments will be issued from the 1-15 of every month, you will not be payed out for orders that do not include tracking number.

REFUND POLICY: We do accept returns or refunds within 14 days. You are responsible for contacting the client if there is something wrong with their order to offer an alternative.


VALUES POLICY: PARENT PLAYGROUND LLC. is operated under a strict sense of morals and values, and requires vendors using PARENT PLAYGROUND APP as a marketplace for goods and services to refrain from utilizing any sexualized marketing images or language, or displaying illegal drugs, recreational drugs, alcohol, or other intoxicating substances whether being used or not, including the paraphernalia associated therewith. PARENT PLAYGROUND reserves the absolute right to terminate the marketplace-vendor association and any contracts or quasi-contractual relationships, in its sole discretion, based on any conduct or displays on PARENT PLAYGROUND APP or otherwise, including conduct by a vendor or a vendor’s employees or agents unrelated to PARENT PLAYGROUND APP.


POLICY VIOLATIONS - TERMINATION OF RELATIONSHIP: PARENT PLAYGROUND LLC. reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate any association, contract, or quasi-contractual relationship with any vendor for any violation of the policies, including the Value Policy and other terms of use. Such termination may be effective immediately at the sole discretion of PARENT PLAYGROUND LLC., who shall retain any deposits of any kind being held for the use of benefit of the terminated vendor. TRACKING NUMBER and PAYPAL ACCOUNT REQUIRED All vendors are required to provide, in the control panel of their marketplace, a shipping company tracking number, accessible to the staff of PARENT PLAYGROUND LLC. as well as the consumer making a purchase. Failure to provide such a shipping company tracking number will result in the suspension of payment and other penalties including termination of association, contract, or quasi-contractual relationship. All vendors having any business relationship of any kind with PARENT PLAYGROUND LLC. shall have a PayPal account for the express purpose of receiving commissions paid by PARENT PLAYGROUND LLC.

MERCHANT TERMINAL FEES: All vendors utilizing PARENT PLAYGROUND APP are responsible for all merchant terminal fees and similar and related costs, fees, and expenses. To effectuate the provisions of this policy, PARENT PLAYGROUND LLC. shall add any and all merchant terminal fees and similar and related costs, fees, and expenses of 10% to its commission prior to pay out any revenue of sales to vendors. By accessing or using any part of the app, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service.