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Parent Playground is for parents who are new to a city or neighborhood and need a secure way to  make friends while also arranging playdates for your child(ren).


Unlike other apps, dads finally have a place to connect. We will help you to build parent-bonds in a comfortable environment.

Parent Playground is here for everyone to get out of their own way and finally have some fun for themselves. Kids will be kids, but parents need to have a good time too! You no longer have to choose between having fun with your adult friends and doing kid-friendly activities. 

Parent Playground will also feature small businesses that suit you and your child(ren) needs for many different services, products, and entertainment options available at your fingertips.

Features and Benefits:

    • Connect with parents who share your interests by sharing photos and GIF's .

    • Message parents in private. Start fun conversations to get to know each other and plan outings

    • Discover events happening, small businesses to support, family attractions, and activities to be apart of.

    • Join live chat sessions to have group conversations in real time.

    • Find resources to help you find parent recommended family doctors and How-To guides. 

    • Parent Playground TV: A variety of informational and entertainment videos to making parenting easy.

    • Buy and Sell in the store: You can discover everyday items, specialty items, or educational resources. If you are a small business owner get your items listed!

    • Parent Playground Magazine gives parents the best resources and advice from experts and other parents just like you!  Subscribe to get parent hacks, financial success tips, funny stories that you can relate to, and much more all in one space, every month! Parent Playground Magazine $4.99/monthly You cancel subscription at any time 

Real friends

You will get to meet with parents based on shared interests. Sure, having kids in the same age range is great, but let's make sure you are taken care of also!


You aren't forgotten about this time dads! This is the one app you were thought about and included. Parent Playground is here to help you find buds and playdates.

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This is a place where parents with special needs or non-binary children can find a friend too! There is someone for everyone at Parent Playground.