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Supporting The Future

Parent Playground is hosting our second annual Kidpreneur Business Fair. The Kidpreneur Business Fair aims to create a platform to celebrate and equip future leaders to excel in many areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, education, performing arts, sports, and activism. By giving our kidpreneurs an opportunity to gain exposure in their community for free, we are able to give them connections to businesses and potential customers that can help them get to the next level in their entrepreneurial journeys.

We have previously featured Kidpreneurs in our digital Parent Playground magazine but have decided to push the limits and give exposure that is much needed for our future that is held in our children. This event is made to inspire the young to go for their dreams and instill confidence in current kidpreneurs and gain knowledge that may be unclear or difficult to find. The Kidpreneur Business Fair will feature young business owners who are between the ages of 5 - 18 years. 


Of course, none of this will be possible without the generous support from our community.  By sponsoring the Kidpreneur Business Fair by providing prizes or exclusive coupons, or items needed for the event; Together we can offer a space for Kidprenuers to showcase their work and share their vision for free.  

If you wish to support the Kidpreneur Business Fair please complete the Supporter Inquiry Form below.

Items Requested

8 x 8 Kidpreneur Branded Photo Back Drop

Kipreneur Branded Tote Bags

Kidpreneur Branded A-Stand

Kidpreneur Branded or Plain Cases of Water

Kidpreneur Branded Table Cover

Custom Kidpreneur Branded event canopy 10x10

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