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(Frequently Asked Questions)

We understand that many of you are new to this entrepreneurial journey. We aim to ease your nerves by answering your questions and helping you stay well-prepared.

What is the Kidpreneur Business Fair?

The kidpreneur Business Fair was first launched in Las Vegas, NV in 2022. 

The Kidpreneur Business Fair is dedicated to establishing a platform that celebrates and empowers upcoming leaders to thrive in various realms, including entrepreneurship, leadership, education, performing arts, and activism.

Providing our young entrepreneurs with a chance to showcase their talents within the community for no cost enables them to forge connections with businesses and potential customers, propelling them to new heights in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

For those with aspirations of becoming Kidpreneurs, this event offers an ideal opportunity to garner inspiration, as well as connect and engage with fellow Kidpreneurs.


How Can I get started?

First, have your parent complete the Vendor Application, then download the Parent Playground App to connect with other Kidpreneurs, get helpful tips to help you create a business if you haven't started one and a list of what items you would need to help you be success at the event!

Download IOS App | Download Android App


How much is vendor fee?

The vendor fee is completely free. Starting a business, especially as a young entrepreneur, can be quite costly these days. We want to make it easier for you as you embark on your journey.


What kind of business can I have?

The Kidpreneur Business Fair welcomes a wide range of talents and hobbies. Showcase your services, such as pet sitting, tech, beauty, art, authorship, baking, handmade crafts, and jewelry. No matter what your talent or business is, you can showcase it at the fair!


Where will the fair be held and will it be indoors or outdoors?

The fair will be held inside of Revive Collegiate Cafeterium. 

Address: 5301 Old Canton Rd. Jackson, MS 39211


Will I have access to electricity?

If your business requires electricity to operate, please inform us as soon as possible. Access is limited and will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.


Are businesses required to collect and remit sales tax?

No taxes will be collected at the end of the fair.

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