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Hi, my name is Tyronica.

 The SHI(f)T HAPPENS podcast will create a SAFE space for parents who are OPEN to have those raw and uncomfortable discussions revolving around parenting. 

I have struggled with some decisions I've made and currently make when It came to how I raise my child versus my parents method. I am raising a child in world where there are many aspects to social media. My child's world has the opportunity of  the ease of technology but that also comes with the horrors of sexual predators, extreme bullying, and inappropriate exposure.  I am creating conversations that started at a younger age to my 5 year old about sexual orientation and sexual identity that caused a struggle within myself trying to explain the best way I can.  The real struggle came from me not wanting to push my personal opinions and not being comfortable enough to seek support from other parents. Not to mention the moments where I love my child so much that it makes my heart explode and the next day I want to just throw my child in the trash.

There is no rule book for parenting and as we grow and learn everyday with our children, mistakes will be made sometimes and its okay! The SHI(f)T HAPPENS podcast allows real parents to get vulnerable by discussing the not so pretty, uncomfortable, confusing, and frustrating areas of parenting, while gaining connections and understanding of other perspectives of other parenting styles and experiences. BE WARNED, It can get messy! So let's get real and let's get honest!

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